greenway gardens is a small landscape design firm that specializes in combining classic gardens with fresh, modern design. Our designs take  into consideration architectural style and historic influences along with the client’s desires to create elegant designs that maintain functionality and a sense of place.



Consult + Design


Janet Baruch has extensive plant knowledge, choosing plants for size, color and texture and for their transformation throughout the seasons.

No matter how big or small the project, Janet works with each client from beginning to end, often managing  installation of the garden, irrigation, lighting, pools, terraces, driveways and fencing.

Small projects can be accomplished on an hourly consultation basis while large projects require a master plan and are priced individually.


Collaborate + Coach 

Not all designs require a fully rendered master plan.  Often times the homeowner needs help to design a small project that they may want to plant themselves or hire their own installer.

The designer will collaborate with the client in hourly coaching sessions to suit your lifestyle, landscape and budget.

Janet has relationships with some great outdoor container and furniture vendors and will help make selections to complete projects from planting design to furniture and containers. A complete exterior design service! 



Successful projects require clear communication between the designer, client, nursery and installation crews.  Changes always have to be made in the field and it is helpful if the designer is there to advocate for the design. 

The designer working with sub-contractors will ensure execution of the design intent to guarantee the best possible result. 

Over time, the designer has developed relationships with sub-contractors to see that the design is built and planted to design specifications. 

Once the design is complete, the designer will coordinate sub-contractor meetings and schedule the different trades necessary to install the project.